What Role Does Sperm Play In IVF Success

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50% of the reasons for a couple’s infertility is down to male infertility which is very important in the couple’s diagnosis. There are three parameters we assess when considering the capability of a sperm to fertilise an egg.

1     Sperm count

The sperm total account must be over 15 million to be considered normal.

2     Motility

Motility of the sperm is also important and we would be happy with 40% of sperm having progressive motility.

3     Morphology

When we analyse sperm, we look at the head, neck and tail. Morphology can affect any of these three parts, so for a sperm to be considered normal they must be normal in shape.

There are several things that can be done to contribute to improving sperm count, motility and morphology. For example:

• Good Lifestyle

• Good Nutrition

• Supplements

Often when men get poor results on a semen analysis they worry that they might not be able to conceive a baby but try not to worry too much as it only takes one good sperm to create a pregnancy.  Usually it takes around 90 days to achieve an improvement in sperm parameters. And is one of the easiest fertility issues to address.

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Fertility, IVF and The Role of Environmental Toxins

Fertility, IVF and The Role of Environmental Toxins

Fertility, IVF and the role of Environmental toxins

February 15, 2018 Environmental toxinsFertiilty & IVFNaturopath News

If you are having issues with fertility, IVF or having a healthy baby, this is important information for you regarding environmental toxins.


As a naturopath, over the years, I have seen hundreds of people with fertility issues .  This often involves assessing the impact of vitamins and mineral deficiencies  as part of the initial assessment.  In recent years I have been researching  the effect of  environmental toxins and the role they play in fertility and mineral deficiencies.

For anyone trying to have a baby, the good news is that Fertility specialists and IVF clinics now recognize the impact of poor diet, inadequate nutrition and environmental toxicity as key contributing factors to poor egg and sperm quality.  This is having an increasing affect on couple with difficulties conceiving and poor birth outcomes.

I recently attended an information session at a fertility centre on the Gold Coast and heard the Embryologist discuss the increasing decline in sperm quality and egg health.  This is being attributed to environmental toxins and poor diet and nutrient intake.

The World Health Organisation estimates one in four couples in developing countries are being affected by infertility.  This is a major public health issue.

Staying in the Right Heart Space During IVF

Staying in the Right Heart Space During IVF


Your infertility journey will have ups and downs and tension or disagreement between partners is not unusual. For some, it seems as though their partner doesn’t quite understand what they are going through and that they are all alone in this difficult process.

But it is important to remember that you are on this path together and that you both wish for the same outcome, you are simply experiencing infertility in your own individual ways.

Since there is often a difference in our ways of coping, it is important to try to respect each other’s differences, moods and opinions.  It is often helpful to let your partner know how you prefer to cope with disappointment or anxiety. For example, do you need a hug or do you need help figuring out what to do next? Tell him or her what comforts you – and what doesn’t work for you as well. Don’t assume your partner is a mind-reader.

Sharing your feelings to each other makes you closer. 

Infertility treatment can be a long and difficult process. While it is important to go to appointments together and discuss decisions together, the most important factor is to remember what you are actually doing. Often people get so caught up in the medical side of things that they forget that they are creating a baby.  So make an effort to stay in that heart space for if it was happening naturally you would be making love.  Be kind, nurturing and look after one another.


Acupuncture Increases Fertility


    Acupuncture        Increases Fertility


By Samantha Harris 2017

Increase your Success Rates by up to 65%
How does Chinese Medicine, Diet & Nutrition help? Why is it so effective? 

Recent research shows that Acupuncture on its own, can increase the pregnancy rates of people using IVF by 65%. (British medical Journal-Feb 08)
Used on its own it can deliver the same rates for those not using IVF procedures too. The studies used showed that these success rates could be achieved by using acupuncture 1-2 days, before and after the transfer of embryos. Wow! Just one-day use of acupuncture can produce those results! And that’s just one study. 

Even though research shows that acupuncture, on its own, can increase the pregnancy rates of couples using IVF, other studies and protocols, such as the one I use, can produce even better results. 

From my clinical experience and recent research, this rate can be increased more by using a multi-modality approach combining both Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture, Diet & Nutritional Supplements for support throughout IVF. 

Not just for couples using IVF, but for all couples.

Actually, current research shows that 90% of couples should be able to conceive on their own  (irrespective of time taken). This means that 10% of couples will need combined help (assisted reproduction and Chinese medicine).
Out of the 10%, this allows for 5% of couples whom will never be able to conceive despite all combinations of treatment both Chinese and Western methods. 

Large numbers of patients who have tried IVF several times and were unsuccessful have become pregnant soon after our treatment protocol. Medical imaging shows that after Chinese medicine treatment, the colour of women's ovaries change from cloudy to bright and clear. The follicles double in number, the uterine lining becomes thicker and the number of embryos increases significantly. Patients experience fewer side effects from the Western Drugs and feel better emotionally. (That’s a good thing). 

In male patients, the sperm quality significantly improves and the sperm count increases. Research has now proved this. Research has also shown that the healthier a male is at conception, the healthier the sperm are, thus producing better embryos. Unhealthy males and especially smokers and drinkers produce poor embryos. 

Chinese Medicine can improve fertility and pregnancy rates in several ways... 

Improve ovarian function to produce better quality eggs 

 Regulate hormones to produce a greater number of follicles 

 Increase blood flow to the uterus and increase thickness of the uterine lining 

 Relax the patient and decrease stress levels (my favourite) 

 Prevent the uterus from contracting 

 Lessens the side effects of drugs used in IVF & Assisted Reproduction

 Strengthen the immune system (very important as Western medicine treatments usually 

decrease immunity) 

Improve the sperm count and motility to produce better embryos 

Decrease and prevent the chances of miscarriage (Western Medicine still as yet, has no treatment for this)