Every fertility journey is different.


Some need a little help, others need more. 

Increasingly people are needing more help than ever before.  Often there is a time factor so choosing the right acupuncture and natural fertility clinic to help you on your journey and achieve the quickest possible results can be crucial.  (It is important to look at both the male and female health history as we are all exposed to many environmental toxins, medications, artificial colouring, flavourings,  PBA's, lifestyle choices, even sugar consumption can be an issue). We also lack the nutrients today that we often need and the body can be in a state of toxicity so that even if the nutrients are provided they are not absorbed or utilised as they should be.  We evaluate every client and work out the best natural fertility program that suits you and your partner.  We also work with your IVF Specialist to make sure your receiving the best possible care.

The best gift that you can give to your future baby is for you and your partner to be in your best state of health.  In doing this you both naturally become fertile and often further help is not needed.

"I have been seeing Sam for around 12 months. I came to her desperate to be a mum and in a very fragile state after years of physical and mental stress. I will now welcome a son in a few months time and I do not believe I could have got where I am now without Sam's treatment. I chose to commit to her methods because I could see in a short time big improvements in my health and outlook. She gave me a better understanding of fertility issues and what I could to make a change instead of going through the same heartache over and over again. I would highly recommend Sam as I have seen her dedication to every client as an individual case and her genuine care for results.


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