Acupuncture for Natural Fertility, Pregnancy and IVF.

We are the most experienced fertility acupuncture clinic on the Gold Coast. We are the only clinic that solely treats fertility acupunctureIVF support and pregnancy acupuncture and continually work with all of the Obstetricians and IVF Specialists and Midwives on the Gold Coast. We treat our clients holistically and individually with available therapies of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic Supplementation, Nutrition, Lifestyle advice, Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy programs to achieve the best possible results for you.


By combining the forces of nature and the value of science we provide Gold Coast patients with viable options when other methods have failed.


Our treatment plans help a healthy, natural journey from conception to after delivery for nausea, increase energy, healing process, post natal depression and the production of breast milk.


Acupuncture & the right supplements can make a significant contribution to not only how you feel during your IVF cycle but will also increase the chance of you achieving your goal of having a healthy baby.

Organic Spa Skin Care 1


We use the latest state of the art international technology combined with Certified Organicspa Skin Care products and offer you a wide range of specialised services that are individually tailored to produce outstanding results.


Meet the people who will help you.


Samantha Harris The Cycle of Life Robina

Samantha Harris - Head Practitioner

Ph: 07 5689 1777      63/2 Arbour Ave, Robina Qld

BHSC Acupuncture
Toyohari Practitioner

As owner and head practitioner Samantha is the lead provider for health, fertility and pregnancy acupuncture for Gold Coast clients. Apart from a Bachelor degree in acupuncture Sam has completed many courses in infertility and pregnancy. She also holds degrees in massage and hypnotherapy.

With compassion for the human spirit and a penchant for gentle therapeutic techniques, Samantha and her team are dedicated to helping you reach your goals of having a family and enhancing your wellbeing. Samantha’s clinical practice is built on her commitment to providing safe, practical and evidence based treatments. She regularly cultivates her knowledge and training so she can continue to provide up to date information and achieve the best possible results.

Bronwyn Sprogis Beauty Therapist

Bronwyn Sprogis - Qualified Beauty Therapist

Mobile: 0427 790 342      63/2 Arbour Ave, Robina Qld

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a significantly higher standard of service indulging in luxury spa services using the Certified Organicspa skin care range.

Our specialised services include the state of the art Bio-Hydroderm which is the latest in technology for wet dry microdermabrasion. We believe that we are the only Beauty Clinic on the Gold Coast that offers this type of advanced treatment which is designed to increase cellular health, cell renewal and maximize hydration resulting in a more healthy vibrant and youthful complexion. The Bio-Hydroderm medical grade system was designed and tested in the Hot Springs Spa State of Virginia, USA.

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Our Approach is Simple and direct, supportive and understanding, informative and insightful, gentle and relaxing. Our introductory consults are designed to give you the information you need to understand how we can help. Call us on 5689 1777


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