Fertility, IVF and The Role of Environmental Toxins

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If you are having issues with fertility, IVF or having a healthy baby, this is important information for you regarding environmental toxins.

As a naturopath, over the years, I have seen hundreds of people with fertility issues .  This often involves assessing the impact of vitamins and mineral deficiencies  as part of the initial assessment.  In recent years I have been researching  the effect of  environmental toxins and the role they play in fertility and mineral deficiencies.

For anyone trying to have a baby, the good news is that Fertility specialists and IVF clinics now recognize the impact of poor diet, inadequate nutrition and environmental toxicity as key contributing factors to poor egg and sperm quality.  This is having an increasing affect on couple with difficulties conceiving and poor birth outcomes.

I recently attended an information session at a fertility centre on the Gold Coast and heard the Embryologist discuss the increasing decline in sperm quality and egg health.  This is being attributed to environmental toxins and poor diet and nutrient intake.

The World Health Organisation estimates one in four couples in developing countries are being affected by infertility.  This is a major public health issue.

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“Dramatic increases in exposure to toxic chemicals in the last four decades are threatening human reproduction and health, according to the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the first global reproductive health organization to take a stand on human exposure to toxic chemicals.”

Lets look into this.

Why am I low in vitamins and minerals?

There are many reasons for vitamin and mineral deficiencies to occur;

  • poor dietary intake,
  • poor quality food choices,
  • heavily processed foods,
  • food grown in poor quality soil,
  • over farming practices,
  • lifestyle choices,
  • stress
  • poor absorption due to digestive problems such as IBS, IBD, SIBO
  • food allergies
  • excess alcohol and substance abuse
  • plus many more.

For some patients even with supplementation using the best quality vitamins and minerals and increasing dietary intake, they don’t respond or absorb them.   Why?

This led me to start looking for answers.  In talking to other practitioners, attending conferences, I was shown the role of environmental toxins & heavy metals and the impact they have on maintaining a healthy balance of the right stuff.  These nutrients are required for hundreds of important roles in the body.   Start thinking about energy, neurotransmitters, digestion, detoxification, metabolism and more.

It has been mind blowing to explore this and to add this new approach in my clinic. I have spent  hours and days exploring this topic.  I recently attended a Heavy Metal Summit which brought together experts from all over the world.  There is an abundance of information on this topic and it is growing daily.

Where do toxic chemicals come from?

  • We breathe it in
  • We apply on our skin
  • We inherit it from our parents & grandparents’
  • We are exposed without even knowing it.
  • We eat it

These toxic chemicals create blockages in your body’s ability to absorb & utilise other important minerals.

The average woman uses more than 12 beauty product a day resulting in over 100 chemicals before you leave the bathroom.

How many toxins are you exposed to each day?

Is this affecting your health?

Each day new research comes out showing the devastating effect environmental toxins  such as lead, mercury , aluminium and cadmium are having on our health.  This is becoming a big issue with an increase in chronic health diseases.  It is having a profound impact on children’s health too.

The toxic elements have a significant impact on other minerals in the body.  There are known blockages that occur for nutrients due to excess heavy metals.

Have you been taking supplements for a long time, and never really feeling the benefit of them?  

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