Why You Should Get Acupuncture Treatment For Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is as beautiful as it is overwhelming. Your body and mind experience all the ebbs and flows of change as a tiny human prepares itself for the world right there in your womb. Everything you do, you do for two – you eat, sleep, exercise, and take care of yourself in general for both you and the baby.

Proven safe and effective not just by medical practitioners but by time and tradition themselves, acupuncture treatment for pregnancy is one of the best ways for you to help you and your baby and power through these nine months. In this article, learn the benefits of getting acupuncture treatment over the course of your pregnancy.

First of all, what is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese traditional healing. Our body’s life force energy (referred to by the Chinese as QI) flows through our body through different channels. Acupuncture establishes the flow of that energy and helps remove obstacles that hinder your energy from flowing freely. Think of your life force energy as a river and acupuncture as the method that’s used to direct the waters flow throughout your body.

Acupuncturists improve the flow of your QI by stimulating specific points on your body. They use special needles (thin as strands of hair) to do so. However, other methods such as heat, acupressure, or electric stimulation may also be applied, depending on the needs of the person receiving the treatment.

Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment for Pregnancy

Acupuncture helps relieve pregnancy symptomsAs your little one grows inside of your womb, you will be experiencing a range of aches and other issues: morning sickness, back aches, headaches, or insomnia. You may also be experiencing either higher or lower blood pressure, fatigue, constipation, and heart burn. Pregnancy may also take a toll on your disposition; you may experience mild to severe mood swings, anxiety, depression, or stress in general.These can be all normal for an expecting woman and not all pregnancies are the same.– Acupuncture is able to help youwith whatever issues you are experiencing. Any mum will tell you that pregnancy changes your body and your whole being in general like no other experience can, but it can be an enjoyable journey if you have solutions like acupuncture treatment at your disposal to help you manage. Acupuncture also helps with post-partum issues, to help you and your body bounce back from pregnancy.

Acupuncture Can Help You Get Through Labor

Through acupuncture treatment for pregnancy, it would be highly likely that you will experience spontaneous labour when you are due. Spontaneous labour simply means you would not need medical intervention to help baby out – examples of these medical interventions are C-section, use of forceps, induction or administration of an epidural.Regular acupuncture treatment may not fully assure spontaneous labour, but it certainly helps in getting you ready. Spontaneous labour is safer, faster, and easier, and it would be the best birth experience not just for you but for the baby as well.Additionally, acupuncture treatment can also help induce labour, but only for overdue pregnancies. When acupuncture is used to induce labour, you may be able to give birth within a few days. However, you must obtain the consent of your OB-GYN or your obstetric team. This is because if there is a specific issue that is causing your overdue pregnancy, your OB-GYN would want to address that.Generally, acupuncture helps relieve labour pains. This builds more energy and strength to push harder during delivery. It is also known to help restart contractions naturally.

Acupuncture (Along With Moxibustion) Helps Turn Breech Babies

If your baby is positioned bottom or feet first instead of head first, acupuncture and moxibustion can help turn the baby around. What happens during this treatment is that a moxa herb (a stick that resembles a cigar) gradually smoulders over an acupuncture point: the little toe.However, it is still recommended to seek the advise of your OB-GYN first before proceeding with an acupuncture-moxibustion treatment.This treatment though is one of the most popular ways to turn a breech baby naturally, and it is highly likely that your OB-GYN would be on board!

Acupuncture Strengthens Yours and Your Baby’s Immunity 

Acupuncture helps a person improve their immunity, and that is need even more so when a person is carrying a new human in their womb. Because of the changes your body is experiencing, you might be prone to sickness while you are pregnant. This may also affect the baby. So, for as long as mum’s immunity is strong, the baby stays safe and healthy as it is growing and developing. Acupuncture treatment is therefore a preventative treatment and as well as a long-term solution.

Interested in Acupuncture Treatment for Pregnancy? We at the Cycle of Life Can Help

The Cycle Of Life is a natural fertility centre on the Gold Coast whose mission it is to help mums-to-be experience the best pregnancy possible. We provide services such as pregnancy acupuncture, acupuncture fertility treatment, and more. To learn more about what we can do for you and your growing family, give us a call at (07) 5689 1777. You may also email us at info@thecycleoflife.com.au or leave us a message via our website’s contact form.

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