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Some need a little help, others need more. Increasingly people are needing more help than ever before.  Often there is a time factor so choosing the right acupuncture clinic to help you on your journey.  It is important to look at both the male and female health history as we are all exposed to many environmental toxins, medications, artificial colouring, flavourings,  PBA’s, lifestyle choices, even sugar consumption can be an issue. We also lack the nutrients today that we often need and the body can be in a state of toxicity so that even if the nutrients are provided they are not absorbed or utilised as they should be.  We evaluate every client and work out the best program that suits you and your partner.  We also work with your IVF Specialist to make sure your receiving the best possible care. 


Trying for a baby is an exciting time but very quickly if you are not succeeding it can become very frustrating.  Couples are sometimes told that they have to try on their own for a minimum of 1 year before they can visit their GP to request any testing.  They are told to relax and let it happen.  Well this is often not the right thing to say to a woman who is ready for a baby and it becomes anything but relaxing.  One of the things I feel quiet sad about is there is no middle ground.  Couples go from trying on their own to straight into an IVF clinic without looking at what else they could be doing to help. 

One of the questions I ask couples at the initial consult is what  do you want from this.  And its often the same:

  • A plan of action
  • Direction
  • What they can do to improve their chances
  • What is the next step
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First we look at test and investigations that have been done or need to be to find out if there are any underlying issues.  Then we look at the holistic side, stress level, work / life balance, diet, nutrition, supplementation and emotional well being.

Because The Cycle of Life has many different therapies available we can tailor a treatment protocol that suits your specific needs.


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