Nutritional Medicine



Nutritional medicine is a full circle approach to health, with diet, supplementation and lifestyle as treatment methods. 

The goals of Nutritional Medicine include:

– to identify & address the root cause of symptoms & chronic health concerns

-to establish & maintain optimal health & wellbeing

-to prevent disease processes from forming in the first place

– to treat each patient on their own unique individual basis 

Did you know nutrition is often one of the most overlooked but important factors influencing your fertility? 

Our Clinical Nutritionist at The Cycle of Life has a holistic approach to women’s health and fertility, and specialises in the following areas:. 

Preconception Care: Preparing both partners to ensure optimal health for future pregnancy 

Fertility Support: Enhancing natural fertility, Increasing the success of IVF, recurrent miscarriages

Hormonal Health: Painful periods, Irregular periods, Perimenopause to menopause, Thyroid & adrenal health, Weight Loss, Reproductive conditions like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS, PMDD 

Post-partum Support: Recovering and healing from  birth, Post natal nutrient depletion, Post partum depression, Lactation support

Gut Health: Bloating, Reflux, Irregular bowel movements, SIBO, IBS, Dysbiosis, Food intolerances

Nervous system support: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia/sleep issues, Stress, Fatigue


We offer a range of clinical testing to give you solutions to the root cause of your symptoms including:

Gut and vaginal microbiome testing, extensive blood tests, hair tissue mineral analysis and various hormonal testing including the DUTCH hormone test.