Falling Pregnant Isn’t Always Simple, But There Is Always Hope

Trying to fall pregnant can be an incredibly disappointing and frustrating time for any couple looking to start their family. But it’s not always within your control. If you’ve been unsuccessful, and trying for some time, it may be time to take the next step on your journey…

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With over 21 years experience, The Cycle Of Life Is The Gold Coast’s Leading Natural Fertility Clinic


We assess all of the factors that can impact on your success and believe that every couple is different – you cannot have a one-size fits all approach with fertility. As a result, we offer an individualized approach for each and every one of our clients.

  • We will develop a personalised and unique program for you based on your lifestyle, nutrition and even your mindset so we can develop the right plan of action for you as a couple. We believe that fertility is a whole-body event and that many factors contribute to getting pregnant.
  • Giving birth is a natural process. Whether it’s IVF, Fertility or Pregnancy Acupuncture – our treatments are 100% natural and will work in with your body in an organic and healthy way.
  • We offer instant health fund rebates across our services – meaning you may be eligible for deductions on some or all of your treatments.
  • With 30+ 5-Star reviews across Google and Facebook and numerous video testimonials – you can hear first-hand about the experience, treatments and results we offer.


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