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I have been to see Sam throughout both of my pregnancies where I suffered from acute nausea. She really helped ease these symptoms along with heartburn, heart palpitations, my lower back pain and breakouts. She also helped bring on labour naturally both times! I would not hesitate in recommending Sam to anyone whether pregnant, wanting to fall pregnant (her specialization) or those suffering from general unwellness. I have also recently been taking my 2 year old to see her to help with his constant bloated tummy issues and after only 2 treatments have seen substantial improvement already. He now gets excited to go and see her! Can't recommend her enough.



What Carly had to say sbout her experience with us, and her treatment with founder Sam.

I visited Sam when I was 40 weeks pregnant to try and get the ball rolling on Labour. I'd never had acupuncture before and was a little nervous. Needless to say she made me feel 100% comfortable! She spent a lot of time going over what each point was for and why she was doing what she was doing. She then went on to show myself and my Mum who was with me good acupressure points for Mum & my Fiancé to use while is was in Labour to help with the pain. It was so nice to see someone who genuinely LOVED their job and everything she did was for that reason. Within 28 hours Labour had kicked off and another 23 hours later I was holding my little girl in my hands!!! Thanks so much Sam for all your help and advice!!! 💕


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Hear how Bonnie feels about her experience with being treated with the cycle of life. 

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I visited Sam on Friday 8th Sept when I was 39 weeks pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy Sunday 10th. I was very ready to give birth to baby number 2 & had acupuncture previously, but not to help induce labour. I was sceptical as to whether it would work or not, but with each point, I would feel something happening with Bub. I had lots of movement after the session & was in pre-labour early hours Sunday morning. Thank you so much for kickstarting my labour & helping me welcome Arlo Earthside



What Fiona thinks about her experience with her pregnancy acupuncture treatments with founder Sam.

It's amazing! I love all the treatments... has helped with any conditions I've had, even take my kids for treatment when they sick or teething. Fantastic through my pregnancies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is so much better than conventional medicine. And Samantha is so lovely and helpful, she is full of knowledge. I've been getting treatments from her over 3 years and wouldn't go any where else.


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See how Zara feels about the IVF journey we helped her through. We are soo pleased for her and Sam and happy to have helped her through her journey.

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Sam is very knowledgeable and talented in fertility and women's health. She is a lovely and caring person who goes above and beyond to help her patients achieve results. She supported me in the lead up to and during my fertility treatment and I am expecting a baby in January. I would recommend Sam's treatments to anyone trying to conceive.



Danielle shares her journey and experience she shared with The Cycle of Life and how they helped her through her pregnancy.

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I have been seeing Sam from Cycle of life for around a year and half, i started going to see her to get my cycle regular and then continued to see her to get pregnant , throughout my ivf treatment and throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend Sam to anyone having difficulties trying to get pregnant she is amazing, so caring and supportive. she is very knowledgeable and has the passion for what she does.