Our practitioners provide Gold Coast clients with a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle advice, with the intent to achieve the best possible result for you.

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Samantha Harris

As Founder and Head Practitioner at The Cycle of Life, Samantha is a leading provider for health, fertility and pregnancy acupuncture for Gold Coast clients. Apart from a Bachelor Degree in Acupuncture, Samantha has completed many courses in infertility and pregnancy. She also holds degrees in massage and hypnotherapy.
With compassion for the human spirit and a penchant for gentle therapeutic techniques, Samantha and her team are dedicated to helping you reach your goals of having a family and enhancing your wellbeing.
Samantha’s clinical practice is built on her commitment to providing safe, practical and evidence based treatments. She regularly cultivates her knowledge and training so she can continue to provide up to date information and achieve the best possible results.

Samantha is Your Degree Trained Health Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine) 2007
  • Toyohari Style Acupuncture 
  • Kiiko Style Acupuncture
  • Masters in Reproductive Medicine
  • Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Michelle Mccosker

Michelle is a Clinical EFT Practitioner, Evidence Based ETF Trainer-Mentor and Qualified Naturopath.

Michelle has an extensive health background and a deep knowledge of the mind-body connection. Michelle works with clients that have physical issues such as cancer, chronic pain, chronic illness and fertility struggles using EFT. Her Fertility Freedom program has seen many women achieve conscious conception by looking at the underlying emotional blocks to fertility and how the nervous systems plays into this. In addition to EFT, Michelle uses other somatic techniques to guide clients through gentle and safe processing of trauma. 

Michelle acknowledges we are emotional beings. Everything we decide to do is driven by an emotion, from what clothes we will wear, what we will eat, who we interact with to big life decisions.  We are making thousands of decisions each day based on our emotional background, most of which formed in the first seven years of life. Childhood and life trauma also influences the decisions we make about how to be safe in the world.  She is a trauma informed practitioner and will hold space and keep you safe when approaching trauma memories.  She works with people to ensure a healthy emotional state, through changing patterns and behaviours whilst working towards a limitless happy life.

Michelle still has a connection to her Naturopathic roots as an academic in biosciences for Endeavour College of Natural Health.  She is lead facilitator of EFT clinical trials for chronic pain and cancer patients, run through Bond University.

Michelle is your Degree Trained Practitoner:

  • BHSc Naturopathy
  • Clinically trained EFT Practitioner (Dr Peta Stapleton)
  • Evidence Based EFT Trainer & Mentor